The annual Glebe Fine Art Show (GFAS)  is returning in 2022.   The 34 artists never stopped producing great pieces of art !

For your convenience and enjoyment, you can now view artworks available for purchasing via  our Online Gallery.



Welcome to the GFAS ONLINE  GALLERY !

A piece of art can help beautify your home or office environment, boost the morale, or bring back fond memories of a trip, a vacation, an excursion, or of a time spent with family or friends.


To see the variety of artworks and their affordable prices, you just have to click on each artist name and 2 unique artworks will appear with their title, size, medium and price. You will also see the various artists’ bio and website as well as information to contact them for follow up.


We encourage you to contact the artists directly if interested in an art piece to arrange payment and delivery .


Enjoy the GFAS Online Gallery !!