Wendy Quirt

Hopewell Rocks Study #1

Size: 6" x 6"

Medium: Acrylic


The Wild Guide

Size: 36" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic




About Wendy Quirt:

Wendy Quirt (B. 1973 USA)
B.Arts, English, Carleton University 2002


With the support of her family and friends Wendy left her desk job and pursued her dream to become a wildlife painter. What followed has been a series of adventures as she travels the country seeking out wildlife and beautiful landscapes to share in her paintings.


Artist’s Statement


My journey starts behind the lens as I explore, photograph, and sketch the natural world and animals within it. In the studio I go over my material and decide on the best way to describe what I was feeling and seeing in the field. By using acrylic paints I am able to create the look of the fur, feathers, bark and all sorts of wild and wonderful textures. My hope is to share the feeling of being in nature, to see the animals and beauty as I have.


When not in the studio or in the field I’m happily visiting local classrooms, or online talking about wildlife and the creative process. I hop to share the beauty and value of nature through my art and discussion of life outdoors.

Website: www.wendyquirtstudios.ca
Email: wendy@wendyquirtstudios.ca
Phone Number: (613)798-6055