Roy Whiddon

Echoes of Strength

Size: 18" x 24"

Medium: Photograph

Price: $350

Waterfall Sprite

Size: 20" x 24"

Medium: Photograph

Price: $375



About Roy Whiddon:

Many years ago, I had a high-tech job that required travel across Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia. I purchased a 35 mm camera to record the scenery and soon became an avid amateur photographer, taking courses at a local college and setting up a home darkroom. Later, I also took up drawing and painting to balance my technical career. One of my favourite artistic endeavours has always been life drawing, which I continue to practice.


In 2008, I decided to try photographing the nude figure as well as drawing it. The feedback I received encouraged me to make this my primary focus in the visual arts. Inspired by the beauty, grace, strength and vulnerability of the human body, I work with models both in the studio and in locations ranging from forests to abandoned industrial sites. The figures are usually nude, but may occasionally be draped, typically with pieces of fabric rather than clothing. I find that figure photography offers a unique mix of artistic, technical and interpersonal challenges that spark my creativity.


Since 2008, My work has been exhibited in eleven solo shows and more than 40 juried or curated group exhibitions.

Phone Number: 613-225-1682