Janie Park

Standing High

Size: 24 x 60

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $2100

True Colours

Size: 30 x 30

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $1300



About Janie Park:

Janie Jaehyun Park is an Ottawa-based Canadian visual artist who was born in South Korea.  Since she taught herself art from a very early age, she has studied a wide range of media and many different drawing and painting techniques through her entire life.  She obtained her BA in French Literature from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and a diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada.  

As an illustrator, she has published several award-winning children’s and educational picture books in Canada, the United States, Korea and Japan. Her commercial work has appeared on book covers, holiday cards, and CD covers, as well as in a variety of newspapers and magazines.  Her first picture book, The Tiger and The Dried Persimmon, the retelling of a Korean folktale, was nominated as a finalist for the Canadian Governor General’s Literary Awards and won the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award in Canada.

As a fine artist, Janie has shown her artworks in various group shows in Seoul in South Korea, Toronto & Ottawa in Ontario, and Georgeville in Quebec.  Her paintings can be found in private collections throughout Korea and Canada.

Artist Statement

I would describe my artwork as “stylized representationalism”, reflecting my state of mind.  As I wander through life, often something captures my eyes’ attention, and I cannot look away.  It is telling me a story.  My creation begins when I reflect on my feelings in that moment of transfixion.  Sometimes my work radiates rich and vibrant colours, while at other times it has a strong focal point with a limited colour palette.  In all cases, I try to create striking compositions.

I take pure joy in transforming my state of mind into images.  Creating artwork is a delightful visual meditation.        

Website: janiepark.com
Email: janie@janiepark.com
Phone Number: (343)262-2320