Heather Lovat-Fraser

Living on the Rock

Size: 36" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $600

Blustery Day

Size: 24" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $600



About Heather Lovat-Fraser:

Art can mean many things to different people. It can challenge you, excite you, provoke you and engage you. However, I believe the most important art in your everyday life should inspire you in a positive way. I create colourful, engaging paintings that remind people of the positive things in life.

Mostly, I paint abstracted vibrant familiar scenes primarily of Ottawa, Cottage Country and Newfoundland. These include increased contrast, colour saturation, and less detail with all things being familiar but just a little off key. I try to touch people’s heartstrings with wonderful nostalgic memories as I paint recognizable landmarks.

I am involved in many different art shows throughout the city and surrounding area as well as a one person shows at Irene’s Pub (May), James Brett Salon (May – June) and Focus Hair (Dec). As well, cards of my art are currently being sold at The Papery, The Village Quire and an IDA drugstore.

I have studied art and design at Algonquin College and St. Lawrence College, as well as taken various workshops that interest me.

Website: heather-lovat-fraser.pixels.com
Email: artbyhlf@gmail.com
Phone Number: 613-220-5781