Georges Robert


Size: 24" x 30"

Medium: Mixed Media

Price: $1000


Size: 36" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $1200



About Georges Robert:

As a multi-style artist, my abstract work is fixated on a desire to provoking a “moment in time” by way of manipulating and fusing colours. For me, the treatment of light and the coalescing of vivid and brilliant paints, as I sense them, is my “true subject matter” in all my artwork…everything else in the painting is secondary. Using my painting techniques and oil paint mixtures to maximize light refraction; the use of visible lines to create three-dimensional space perspective and my peculiar misuse of powerful colours; they all collaborate together to communicate an awe-inspiring painting.


Simplicity has always given me an inner sense of wellness and this is what I aspire to transmit to others. My connection with openness and luminousness generates my passion to create abstract art. My reward is when I see someone viewing one of my paintings and they are slowly and unwillingly drawn into it. Once they are fully captivated, I see them moving inward and reacting emotionally to the displays of light, colour and space. It is during this time that I know that they are identifying with my art and are connecting emotionally to it.

Phone Number: 819-360-6677