Catherine Schissel

High Lonesome

Size: 40” x 60”

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $4100

Seaweed on the Rocks

Size: 24" x 30"

Medium: Oil

Price: $1450



About Catherine Schissel:

Painting is the way I process my experience of nature.


With growing concern that our wilderness and forests are slowly being eaten up by industry, it is very important to me that I paint a personalized interpretation of the landscape around me. Travelling to personally experience and internalize these areas, part of the process of building a body of work includes field work. Through extensive road trips and hiking, I document various North American terrains and geographies through hundreds of photographs and sketching.


Compositional development takes place in my studio. Through both an additive and subtractive painting process with brushes and palette knives, paintings are continually analyzed and adjusted. I often work on several pieces at once, going back and forth as the mood strikes.


Through the time-honoured strategies of painting, I aim to convey to the viewer my experience of ‘being’ and walking in the landscape and wilderness, creating a record of the sublime before it disappears.

Phone Number: 613-402-2160